The largest lake in Europe

All the three largest lakes in Europe are in Russia. The largest of them is Lake Lagoda. It has an area of 18,000 square kilometres.

Picture: Lake Ladoga ; © Mikhail Markovskiy -

That’s the size of Slovenia. The second largest lake in Europe is Lake Onega. It has an area of 10,000 square kilometres. Number three on this list is an artificial lake. The Kuybyshev is in fact the third largest reservoir in the world and has an area of 6450 square kilometres. Most other large European lakes are in Scandinavia. The Vänern in Sweden for example has an area of 5650 square kilometres and is the third largest natural lake in Europe. The relatively famous Bodensee between Germany, Switzerland and Austria is only on number 25 in that ranking of the biggest european lakes.


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